Contract manufacturing of medium to large precision-machined parts is the mainstay of Kocsis Brothers Machine Company. Since our inception in 1967, we have grown from a 2 man operation to over 100 employees and 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space at two locations.

Our expertise includes the following:
• Production milling and turning of medium to large precision machined parts. Machining centers have weight capacity up to 45,000 lbs and we can lift 50 tons in each bay, 30 feet under the hook
• Fabrication and repair of machined parts used in heavy industries such as steel and paper production
Weld cladding and re-machining of large precision roll assemblies
• Surface grinding of parts 36" wide & 120" long
• Large conventional vertical turret lathes and milling machines to facilitate short runs and prototypes

Please call Kocsis Brothers Machine to discuss your difficult medium to large size precision machining requirements. Our staff works closely with your purchasing and engineering departments to insure that we fully understand the form, fit, and function of what you have entrusted us to manufacture.

Kocsis Brothers
Machine Co.

11755 S. Austin Avenue
Alsip, Illinois  60803  USA

Phone: 708-597-8110
Fax: 708-389-0792



Complex, sophisticated assemblies requiring surface grind and machining operations are competitively machined on late model vertical and horizontal machining centers.


Nicolas Correa machining center with an indexable spindle operates as both a horizontal and vertical machining center capable of handling parts up to 230.00" (X) x 48.00" (Y) x
49.00" Z. Spindle indexes in 2.5-degree increments in two axes allowing machining of compound angles without adding more set-ups.

Production or prototype turning operations are accomplished on either our CNC VTLs, capacity to 71.00" diameter x 59.00" under the rail or our manuals that can swing up to 162.00" diameter x 100.00" under the rail.

Roll repair is a Kocsis Brothers specialty. Our weld operation is equipped with custom designed, automated welding equipment, stress relieve ovens, and CNC lathes to re-cut rolls to their original specifications.

Castings up to 45,000 lbs are machined on modern CNC bar machines equipped with Renishaw touch probing to accurately establish datum points or features on the part.

The main manufacturing plant is equipped with six 25-ton bridge cranes to move parts in and out of machining centers.

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